Python Script for Extracting K-Line Candles Data from Binance: Enhancing Crypto Market Analysis

This Python script is designed for extracting K-line (candlestick) data from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It retrieves data for specified timeframes within a given date range, for a particular trading pair (e.g., BTC/USDT). The script utilizes the requests library to interact with the Binance API, handles pagination to fetch all available data, and includes a delay to avoid exceeding API rate limits. The retrieved data is saved into CSV files, each corresponding to a specific timeframe. This tool is especially useful for traders and analysts needing historical data for market analysis or strategy development.

Kotlin: -0.0 is considered less than 0.0

The article discusses a discrepancy between what the Kotlin documentation says about comparing floating-point numbers, specifically that -0.0 is considered less than 0.0, and what is observed when comparing them in the Kotlin Playground. The results are different than what the documentation suggests.

How to select always unique next image from predefined array of images on each new post with post id incremented by 1

The article suggests an algorithm to sequentially select the next image relative to the previous one for each new post, using a limited array of images.


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