Python Script for Extracting K-Line Candles Data from Binance: Enhancing Crypto Market Analysis

This Python script is designed for extracting K-line (candlestick) data from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It retrieves data for specified timeframes within a given date range, for a particular trading pair (e.g., BTC/USDT). The script utilizes the requests library to interact with the Binance API, handles pagination to fetch all available data, and includes a delay to avoid exceeding API rate limits. The retrieved data is saved into CSV files, each corresponding to a specific timeframe. This tool is especially useful for traders and analysts needing historical data for market analysis or strategy development.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying and Running Remix 2.3.1 with Prisma in Production on Docker

This guide offers a detailed walkthrough for deploying Remix 2.3.1 with Prisma in a Docker container, focusing on a production environment setup. It is an essential read for developers working with Node.js in Docker, aiming to implement efficient full-stack deployment solutions.

Converting JSON to BSON Using JavaScript: A Practical Guide

This guide demonstrates how to convert Binance exchange k-line candles from JSON to BSON for improved storage and efficiency using JavaScript in a Node.js environment.

Splitting a Text File or a CSV by Half with bash on Linux or OS X

Master the art of splitting a text file into two equal halves with our comprehensive guide using bash on Linux or OS X. Perfect for data analysts and file management professionals looking to improve their efficiency.

The Issue with the Scope of Variable for lambdas in Structured Binding Declarations

This article delves into the issue of capturing structured bindings in C++ lambdas, discussing the scope and limitations of variables declared using structured bindings. It highlights the inability to capture structured bindings by reference in lambdas and offers a solution by utilizing individual auto variables. By following the suggested approach, developers can effectively work with structured bindings in lambdas, overcoming the limitations of the language feature.

Converting TensorFlow.js Models to ONNX with Python

The provided text describes a Python script used to convert TensorFlow.js models into ONNX format, facilitating interoperability between different machine learning frameworks. The script uses the Python libraries tf2onnx and tensorflowjs. tf2onnx is used to convert TensorFlow models into ONNX format, while tensorflowjs is used to load TensorFlow models. The script also handles model directory management, serialization, and storing of the converted ONNX models.

Kotlin: -0.0 is considered less than 0.0

The article discusses a discrepancy between what the Kotlin documentation says about comparing floating-point numbers, specifically that -0.0 is considered less than 0.0, and what is observed when comparing them in the Kotlin Playground. The results are different than what the documentation suggests.

Javascript is cursed

I am of the opinion that criticisms of JavaScript's inconsistency are baseless, and I will provide two examples in C++ to support my argument.

Docker compose: nginx and wordpress behind Cloudflare — HTTPS to HTTP proxying problem

The article discusses a problem faced while using Cloudflare's Flexible proxying with Docker Compose and WordPress. The author explains that requests to Cloudflare are sent via HTTPS, but from Cloudflare to the server via HTTP, causing WordPress to fail. The solution the author provides is to create two folders on the host machine, one to store certificates and the other to store ACME challenges from Let's Encrypt, and mount them on the Nginx host.

How to genereate required previews for App Store and Google Play fast from emulator screenshots

The article presents a solution to the problem of generating required preview images for mobile app stores quickly by using a Python script to optimize the process of resizing and cropping emulator screenshots, and provides a code example of the script.


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