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Going down?

Waiting for trend changing on movement upper than 7500 or lower than 6800 according to this triangle on daily chart.

BTC will go lower than 5k

Action becomes more intense but the signal gets weaker as far as it gets closer to the top of triangle.

Anyway something will happen soon and I'm still sure will go lower than 5k.

BTC oversold: we are going deeper underground

Loks like BTC is oversold now. Upgoing trend has no volumes to be sold.

btc oversold

With this bullish mood it looks more like a trap to me. And I feel we are going to refresh the low in a couple of days.

Some thoughts on XBT(BTC) price on March 30, 2020

There are two things to mention on XBT(BTC) price right now.

  1. Now it’s obvious that there’s no correlation between stocks market and XBT(BTC) price — all coincidences are random.
  2. Also it’s absolutely obvious bitcoin is not a reserve currency — it’s a speculation tool and private person saving asset. And so called "whales" do not hedge theirs funds buying btc.
Stock indexes and BTC price movement comparizon