Kotlin: -0.0 is considered less than 0.0

The article discusses a discrepancy between what the Kotlin documentation says about comparing floating-point numbers, specifically that -0.0 is considered less than 0.0, and what is observed when comparing them in the Kotlin Playground. The results are different than what the documentation suggests.

Javascript is cursed

I am of the opinion that criticisms of JavaScript's inconsistency are baseless, and I will provide two examples in C++ to support my argument.

Docker compose: nginx and wordpress behind Cloudflare — HTTPS to HTTP proxying problem

The article discusses a problem faced while using Cloudflare's Flexible proxying with Docker Compose and WordPress. The author explains that requests to Cloudflare are sent via HTTPS, but from Cloudflare to the server via HTTP, causing WordPress to fail. The solution the author provides is to create two folders on the host machine, one to store certificates and the other to store ACME challenges from Let's Encrypt, and mount them on the Nginx host.

How to genereate required previews for App Store and Google Play fast from emulator screenshots

The article presents a solution to the problem of generating required preview images for mobile app stores quickly by using a Python script to optimize the process of resizing and cropping emulator screenshots, and provides a code example of the script.

How to select always unique next image from predefined array of images on each new post with post id incremented by 1

The article suggests an algorithm to sequentially select the next image relative to the previous one for each new post, using a limited array of images.


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